Scottish charity number: SC042097

Cornfields Vision

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly’

Cornfields Vision is to offer hope, inspiration and support to people when they need it the most. To create a safe base where people can talk and be listened to. To BE an organisation that has the courage and integrity to help transform people’s lives and enable them to BE themselves within their own homes, communities and workplaces.

To become a social enterprise trading company here in Aberdeenshire.

To build a health and wellbeing centre of excellent that will serve and support recovery and proactively respond to the growing pressures of stress, duress in the everyday lives of people. To support the local communities and business communities to attract, develop and maintain healthy and productive workforces and to accelerate return to work support for those absent through illness and ill health.

Creating an environment that:  ‘nurtures from the inside out and the outside in’